What happens after Invisalign


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This week we’re letting you about what comes after Invisalign….
For many people straightening their teeth isn’t enough to get the perfect result.
A dark or chipped tooth will look better once they’re straightened but they will still be dark and/or still be chipped. Some small chips or grooves on the teeth can be improved with some cosmetic bevelling, others may need some extra help to improve their shape and appearance.
So post orthodontics, some patients choose to have composite(white) fillings or veneers/crowns.
Whilst this is an added cost, in some cases it is necessary to achieve that perfect result you have spent time money and energy trying to achieve.

Cosmetic bevelling-
• This can improve the appearance of any grooves or small chips and is done with a small disc by your dentist after straightening.
• It is part of finishing your Invisalign so there is no extra charge

Composite fillings/build ups:
• Can range from anything from €90-€180 depending on the tooth and the size of the filling needed.
• In comparison to veneers this is a more cost effective option but they do come with some maintenance.
• They can last approx. 4- 8 years before they might need to be replaced and will need to be polished regularly.
• They don’t change colour during whitening- so best to whiten your teeth before you get them added to your teeth, so the colour can be matched to your whiter smile.

Example 1:

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Example 2:


• If a tooth dies, often it will start to lose it’s colour and darken over time.
• Veneers which are a thin layer of porcelain can help cover the darkness and improve the colour and shape of a tooth.
• They can range in cost depending on the lab that your clinic uses. Sometimes you get what you pay for, so to that extent we use one of the best labs in the world and veneers with us can cost anything from €800-€1100.
• Depending on the patient’s bite, whether they grind their teeth, eating habits, home care and dental hygiene veneers can last approx. 10-15years before they would need to be replaced.


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